Melissa Yoes


Feb 18, 2006

Half a step between reality
A song drunk from a glass
Visualize energy, inspiration, creativity
An open door to definite possibility

Feb 7, 2006

waiting for the memories to fade
the crush of blue waves and lazy days
moonlit water off the wall
it's hard to forget anything at all
now it's back to work and to reality
maybe a dream will bring it all back to me

April 2, 2005

Worry and letting go
Writing words seeking, searching.
A million suns set. Turning tired to light the page.
No answers fulfilled. But shallow tense words make do.

There is beauty in the world. Some sleep through it, some awaken, some pass by.
Quivering petals flowers blur by at eighty.
Butterflies abundance dance, in the sunshine free.
Crashing into the window in a colorful blast, oblivious, instantly.

March 15, 2005

She crawls into a bottle to look at the world through the pretty glass,
rippled and different she feels better.
rippled and different she feels worse.

Shouting loudly her voice echoes out. "I'm stuck in my bottle. I can't get out!"

Nobody comes. nobody cares.
She cries and cries until the bottle is broken.
She could slip through, though she would not escape, for fear of the glass, her world might break.

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