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Friend's & Family Personal Sites

Paul Yoes
Paul's personal site

Submitted by ~ Paul

Ben Shum
My friend way up in Canada made this very cool flash site for his business, web design and photography.

Submitted by ~ Ben

My uncle Jeff's pool business.

Submitted by ~ Jeff

Tamara the Clairvoyant
Tamara, A ray of sunshine at the beach.

Submitted by ~ Melissa

My friend, the oh so talented, Eve. Not to mention a wonderful website (wink).

Submitted by ~ Melissa

Jenn M.
Personal blog and site of Jenn

Submitted by ~ Jenn

Margo's Myspace Blog Site

Submitted by ~ Melissa

Bela's Web Site

Submitted by ~ Bela

SunGarden Productions
Michelle Gardner's Site. Michelle moved to Hawaii and started SunGarden Productions. This is the site I helped her build.

Submitted by ~ Melissa

Jenn's Blog
Jenn's Myspace Blog

Submitted by ~ Melissa

Thicker Than Water
Elisa Wakefield's Jewelry Site

Submitted by ~ Melissa

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